Google's Popular Game Pacman game with you. Our site is under construction with a new face when we want to play this popular game anyway .. Good game .. Game; You play with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Google Pacman Games

Pacman History

It is a game of Pac-Man by Namco. It emerged in 1980 and has been a popular game in a short time.

Pac-Man players to act in a maze trying to finish a yellow disc. Players who escaped from the target to collect all the little ghosts and monsters discs, goes to the next stage when collecting all the disks. Gather berries that appear on the maze gives the player extra points. Get the big yellow disc, monsters and ghosts turn blue and edible condition for a while to come. Atari 2600 game cartridge market has been in Turkey for the fatso. Puck-Man, as though the game was released in Japan; Some vandals "P" to "F" in the United States due to the changing game Pac-Man was published in creating curses. Google May 21, 2010 by making a gesture has played Pac-Man logo.

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